3 Quick and Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you lucking out with finding a father’s day gift this year? I know I am, its just around the corner and I have nothing. Uggghhh. Okay its time to starting turning the wheels in this mommy brain. Okay I got it. Actually I got three. 3 easy DIY father’s day gift builds that are super easy and the most time it will take is a day. 

DIY Father’s Day Gift #1

So the first DIY is a no brainer. A sign. Signs are a good way to show how much you care for the man in your life wether it be your daddy or husband. Yes I’m 30 and I still call my dad daddy. Not quite sure what kind of sign to do? No worries I got a few examples down below that will help you decide what to make for your father’s day gift. 

Funny saying

There is nothing better then a good laugh. Good dad joke awe an awesome way to may for old man laugh and make a lasting impression. You can even make it more personal and use a joke your dad love to say. 

DIY Father's day gift
Link is to an Etsy shop that sells this exact sign. However you can do this yourself for way cheaper.


city scape 

A city scape piece can be a touching piece if done right. Talk to you dad and ask him what were some of the most special places he has gone to or has one of the most memorable series at. Find a city scape to that place and cut it out. The look on his face will be priceless

DIY father's day gift
Click picture for link
DIY father's day gift
Click picture for How To


A multiples sign is a regular sign but that also has a dual function. For example you make a bbq sign you can also add hook or pieces that you could hang tools from. Same principle for a garage tool sign. You could make a gun sign and add pieces that can display the gun on the sign. 

DIY Father's day gift
Click picture for how to

Gift #2

On to gift idea number 2. Daddy always has a lot of stuff. What a better way then to help him organize it with a tool organizer. What ever tools he has there is a way to organize it. When it comes to garage and tools you can make a piece that organizes this drills, hammers, even batteries. The list can go on. Or maybe your dad loves to cycle, you can make a piece that houses his shoes, helmet, and biking accessories. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples with their source links. 

DIY father's day gift Idea
DIY Sander Storage- Click Picture for Link
DIY Father's day gift
Click Picture for source
DIY Father's Day Gift
DIY Power Tool Storage- Click Picture for Link


Gift #3

Lastly, and my personal favorite is a work bench. I did one of these last year and it was so easy to build. Did I say that this piece was about 6ft long and a little more then three feet high. My dad is a bit tall. It was massive, even so, it only took me a day to build. Anther option is a mobile piece. That is what I’m am planning to build. My dad has this massive Rigid miter saw (ugh jealous) that is on a shelf. When he need to use it he has to take it down and place it on a table top. His poor back, that shit is not light for sure. So Happy father’s day daddy hope you like it. If your dad has a heavy tool that he doesn’t want lug around everywhere a mobile piece will fix the issue. Below is the work bench I did last year and a few other idea links. 

DIY father's day gift

DIY father's day gift
My son wanted to help, crazy little booger.


DIY father's day gift
Click picture for source
DIY father's day gift
DIY Miter Say Cart, This is what I am creating for my daddy. Click picture for link

I hope this was helpful and that you got some good gift ideas. Like I said before all these ideas are super easy and quick to build.  So what is your favorite idea from the list. Leave a comment down below and what you ended up doing for your daddy. Please share to you favorite Pinterest board. And don’t forget to sign up to the Rough Edge Newsletter for weekly update for the blog and more. Happy Father’s day! 

DIY Father Day Gift Ideas

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