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3 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress. Such a strong word. Everyone has it, but not many people know how to deal with it. As a mom it comes with the territory but are we actually taking the time out of our day to really take care of that stress. I recently went to a caregivers retreat and it really opened up my eyes to the need of self care. To relieve stress almost goes hand in hand with selfcare.

Now caregivers are not just the spouse of the injured, but it can be anybody who cares for another’s need. A mom, a sister, a father, a friend. As caregivers there are so many stressor that we deal with on a daily basis and hardly any time in the day to care for our needs. Or should I say do we make time to take care of our needs. Okay stop what your doing, well after you read this post I mean, and make that time. Here are three ways that you can do to help to slow you down and relieve some of that stress.


I know I know, you are not Yoda, and who has time to sit a be still. Well to be honest I couldn’t even sit still for 2 seconds without itching some part of my face. Let me tell really getting into your head and clearing out the noise does wonders for your sanity. According to Alvin Powell of the Harvard Gazette, studies have shown benefits in depression, chronic pain and anxiety. So if you are like me and can sit still for the life of you, try using an app. There are many to choose from. One that I recommend, no this not sponsored, is Headspace. It uses guided meditations, videos, and animations to get you in the right mindset.

2.Enjoy Nature

This should be easy enough. Go outside, close your eyes, and breathe. Take 5 to 10 minutes outside and just disconnect from the world. Concentrate on the beauty and awesomeness that is nature and just breathe. Go for a stroll and walk your dog, run, lay in the grass. We as humans really take nature for granted and don’t appreciate it much and the gift it gives us everyday. I took this picture of my husband walking our son and it was just breathe taking. 

a stroll can relieve stress


Finally I save the best for last, wine. Okay this one may be controversial and I could be wrong, but nothing beats a nice glass of wine after a stressful day am i right. Although, you may be surprised at how many benefits are in wine. According to medical news today red wine is high in resveratrol, and it may boost heart health, protect against some cancers, and prevent some types of vision loss. So yeah to get a double whammy good for the soul and good for your heart. Speaking of which I think its about that time for a glass don’t you think.

Wine is just one to relieve stress

And so these are just a few ways of self care when it comes to being able to relieve stress, but these are just a few of so many ways. So don’t feel like this is these are the only ways because they are not by a long shot. The point here is to remember to take care of you, because at the the end of the day no one is gonna do it for you you have to make time for yourself. And to be honest I almost alway choose the third option but hey I am only human and yo girl loves her wine. Peace.



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