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5 Ways Procreate Can be Used for Interior Design as a Game Changer

Are you needing an easier flow for your design process? Well, have you heard of procreate? Ok so I could be a bit biased, but out of all the sketching apps I have tried, none compare to procreate. Now, I have nothing against purest, and to be honest I will still use the classic pen, pencil, marker, and paper. There is just something to say about the feel of how marker hits paper. But in this day and age, our world is becoming more and more digital, and a digital sketchbook is a great way to blend the old with the new. So let get on with my top 5 ways procreate can be used for interior design.

I. Quick Idea Sketches and Diagrams

As a designer, I have always used sketch books to get my ideas to paper and flush them out more. However that tends to use a lot of paper and as a way to get more conservative I hopped onto the iPad. I haven’t tried all drawing apps, but from the ones that I have tried, procreate really out does itself. With the procreate app I am able to replace all my traditional tools. The layers in the app act as tracing paper. So easy to buildup design ideas and grow them into something more. Also there are great features like quick lines and quick shapes that can be used to make bubble and zoning diagrams. You can even insert a adjacency matrix template into procreate and fill in. You can color code with lower opacity or create symbols easily and multiply them with out recreating them. There are endless ways to use this in the ideation process, so I’d say procreate for interior design is a win here.

II. Concept Perspective Sketches

This has to be my favorite part about using the app. If your not that great perspective sketching, the perspective guides are a blessing. It really takes out the guess work when sketching out your perspective sketches. From this if you have an ability to render by hand, just a little learning curve, and your one to creating beautiful rendered perspectives of your designs. This gives you a unique look and will set you apart from your peers in the industry.

Procreate for interior design perspective sketches

III. Elevations & Floor Plans

Next is the ability to create elevations and floor plans in the procreate app. The grid drawing guide acts as a graph paper, so you are able to easily scale you drawings based on your design. Also like the perspectives you are able to render them in a way that will blow your clients mind. Want more details on this, check out my other post on how to create and render a floor plan in procreate.

Procreate for interior design elevations and floor plans

IV. Lighting Designs & Floor Plans

Okay so I know that I said that my favorite part about the app was creating perspective sketches, but this one takes a close second. The app has certain types of brushes that gives off a luminance to them. This is a especially helpful when trying to replicate that lighting effect. But the coolest part of these brushes is when your see them in rendered lighting floor plans. You can see an example below.

Procreate for interior design lighting designs

V. Mood Boards or Design Boards

Not many of us have access to photoshop and this app takes a lot of aspects from photoshop. Now of course they are not the same, but I would say that procreate is photoshop’s baby sister. The select and move tool is almost like photoshop in were your able to select backgrounds and erase them, as well as, move them to the location of choice. The move tool also has options to warp and distort the image. This is great when grabbing a rug and putting it into perspective for your design board.

r design design board

From the diagrams to the perspectives that can be created, you can’t deny that this app is pretty bomb. And this is not even half of what this app can do. So what do you think? Are you planning on giving it a whirl? For me procreate for interior design is a no brainer. And if your still interested in knowing more check out this post about which Procreate brushes I can’t live without. Oh but did I mention Procreate is only 9.99 to use for life. Yup no subscription. So why not. Let’s get sketching.

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  1. I am designing my home.
    I am using Procreate currently for fashion designing.
    I don’t have technical knowledge for interior designing. Would like to learn that on Procreate

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