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Interior sketching tips and tricks in both markers and on the iPad.

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interior, landscape, and woodworking presentation tips and tricks.

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Interior Sketching

5 Ways that You are Sketching Interiors Wrong

When it comes to interior design, sketches can be an incredibly helpful tool for visualizing a space and testing out different design concepts. However, even the most skilled designers can make mistakes that can derail a project. In this blog post, we’ll go over the top 5 reasons why your interior design sketches can go…

5 Ways Procreate Can be Used for Interior Design as a Game Changer
Interior Design 101 | Interior Design Tips | Interior Sketching

5 Ways Procreate Can be Used for Interior Design as a Game Changer

Are you needing an easier flow for your design process? Well, have you heard of procreate? Ok so I could be a bit biased, but out of all the sketching apps I have tried, none compare to procreate. Now, I have nothing against purest, and to be honest I will still use the classic pen,…

Arteza marker review
Interior Sketching | Product Review

Arteza Everblend Markers for Interior Design Rendering: Portrait Set Review

So you’re on the hunt for affordable alcohol markers for Interior Design school, but don’t want to ditch out on quality? I totally get you. Being a college student means being frugal. So I’m here to help you with a review on the Arteza Everblend Markers Portrait Set. Let me make it known this is…

Meet Lydia Mathis
Local Artisans

Meet Lydia Mathis

Let me introduce to you guys to this amazing artist and graphic designer. Her work is crazy good and eye-catching. A real down to earth and fun chick who has worked with some top honchos in the local area.  What’s your name and what do you do? My name is Lydia Mathis & I run…