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Mood Board Monday: BTS Bedroom Design “Boy with Love” Inspired

Hola my loves, I’m back with another mood board Monday. This week I was in the mood for color. And as I was brain storming ideas I was listening to one of my favorite bands (if not my most favorite) and a light bulb clicked. BTS recently came out with this hella awesome music video “Boy with Luv” pumped with color. I decided to create a BTS bedroom design inspired by the “Boy With Luv” music video.

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Okay so for those of you who don’t know who BTS you have been living under a rock, but let me enlighten you. They are a south Korean Boy band consisting of 7 members who are well known throughout the world with a massive fan following known as the army. They just did a segment on SNL and won the best Duo/group and social artist award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Least to say they are awesome with catchy and meaningful songs, plus it doesn’t hurt that they are hella fine. Okay I know they are a bit younger then me, but I can help it if a guy is cute.

I listen to them daily when working on projects outside. You will even catch my son and I dancing to Idol when Spotify decides to put the track on. Ahhh I just can’t get enough of their music. Anyway, quick army bio; been army for about 2 years, my first song heard was Danger (dance practice video), my bias is Jimin, my bias wrecker is Suga, top 5 songs are Anpanman, Fake Love, Seesaw, House of Cards, and Sea.

Alright now that the intro is done lets get into the good stuff, the BTS bedroom design.

The Mood Board

BTS Boy with Luv Mood Board,BTS bedroom Design "Boy with Love" Inspired

In the mood board I wanted to invoke energy, liveliness, and fun. When you see the music video you just want to move and dance through the song. I ain’t gonna lie its still in my head since it dropped two weeks ago. The color are so vibrant and fun I had to do a design. Through the video I felt a sort of Mid-Century modern feel to it.

The Room Design

BTS bedroom Design "Boy with Love" Inspired

So here you go, the BTS bedroom design inspired by the “Boy with Luv” music video. So what do you think? Does it inspire fun and sophistication? The feeling that the music video invoked was a energetic, fun, yet sophicated vibe.

For the wall color I would stay in the light neutral range since there is so many pops color in the decor and you want them to stand out. As for the floors in the MV at the diner they had parquet wood flooring which I think will go great with the overall mid-century modern design. Below is an example of what parquet flooring looks like. This just one type but there are so many designs for a parquet floor.

I like it. I want It. I get it.

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If you liked the items from the design, I have linked them down below to help you start designing your room.

Lets start with the furniture. I choose this bed from West Elm. It had clean lines and just enough of the mid century modern feel without being too much. I wanted the accent pieces to make the room. The nightstands are also from West Elm. But I was not shying away from color here. That goes for the side seating. I wanted to mimic the infamous yellow couch, but in a smaller version obviously to fit the space. Then I believe the last piece was a side table for the armchair. I chose to pick a different color, like turquoise, that contrast against the yellow but is still cohesive throughout the room.

BTS bedroom Design "Boy with Love" Inspired
Picture is property of Big Hit Entertainment

On to the Room Decor.

First off the sconces, another goodie from West Elm. From the music video there is a part that one of the band members (Jungkook) are walking toward the front in a dark room with wood walls and sconces. I wanted to try and bring in those to the room. The curtains are a light pale pink that can be either sheer or a mixture of both solid and sheer. The pink brings out the night stands more.

Next is the painting. I saw this painting and I just could help but to use this as a base to tie in all the pieces to gather. In the MV there is a scene when there is a painting of a cityscape and this painting was perfect. Finally the last item to also tie in that yellow chair, the rug. Oh lord finding a light yellow rug that is not shaggy or contemporary is a pain in the ass, but i got her done. It has a type of invisible pattern that I love and that draws your eye to.

Lastly, the smaller decor. There is the ivory pottery with gold stands which ties in with the sconces, as well as, the table lamp. It is a mini lamp with a marble and brass base. Super cute. Next is the throw pillows. Very simple and basic, but yet still has a pop of color that ties in with the design. As for the love marquee sign on the side table its just a clip from the music video, but I was thinking of doing a DIY on how to make one. Comment down below if you would like that or if you have any suggestions.

Hope to see you again…

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed this segment of the mood board series thats out ever other Monday. I really enjoyed creating this BTS bedroom design. I can’t wait for my fellow army and my people to see it and be inspired. Please share, pin to your favorite board, and don’t forget to sign up to the Rough Edger newsletter to get updates on the blog and more.

P.S. For my fellow armies some of the free wall art printables are based off of BTS (wink wink) Enjoy! Luv you guys, see you in the next post.

BTS bedroom Design "Boy with Love" Inspired
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