One Room Challenge Spring 2019: DIY Faux Shiplap Chair Rail

One room challenge week DIY faux shiplap chair rail

Hello beautiful people of the world. Its that time of the week to update you on my progress for this half bath DIY remodel. I swear its been non stop busy for me. With Easter around the corner, and clients wanting their pieces ready before then. Its hard to get some work done on my poor restroom, plus add being a caregiver and a momma in the mix. I swear I really don’t know how I pull it off. I know I said we would be painting and doing the floor too this week, but yo girl was hella swamped, so forgive me. But don’t fret I was able to get some work done on my DIY Faux Shiplap chair rail portion of the project. Oh and Don’t for get to check out the featured designers on their Week 3 progress as well as the guest participants at ORC.com. So without further ado lets get in to the progress pics.

DIY Faux Shiplap Chair Rail Progress

Ok so we decided to start in the area where the sink was. Since this was the area that was going to be the hardest portion to tackle with all those cuts. Last week I started the cuts for this project as you can see. I decided to go with a 5 1/2 plank rather then more narrow. Less cuts less work equal a happy capper.

kreg rip jig

So my plan at first was to slide in the planks at an angle, but they were too long. So I had to cut them in an area where you weren’t going to see the seam. Plus Its nothing a little caulking can’t fix. We used 1 1/4 inch brad nails and Liquid Nails Brand adhesive. I swear the whole time I kept praying that I would hit something important. Thats why I went with the short nails.

To get that shiplap look I spaced each plank out with a quarter. I was going to use a dime, but hey let’s be big ballers and use a quarter. Why not YOLO!

DIY faux shiplap chair rail
DIY faux shiplap chair rail

Like I said before these sink cuts were probably the hardest to do. Thank god I had extra planks. I had to measure and remeasure taking into account the 1/8” gap. Fun times. But I got it done. Once that part was over it was smooth sailing.


So to conclude this short update on the remodel, this as far as I got this week with all the crazy happening this week. Stay tuned for next week to see the finished DIY faux shiplap chair rail and the painting of the room. I promise it will be a huge change from what it is now. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. Until next week keep up the awesome work and happy Easter everyone.


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    1. Thank you. oh man ain’t that the truth. Life has definitely been throwing me some curve balls lately.

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