DIY Farmhouse coffee table

DIY Square Farmhouse Coffee Table

Is your living room missing something? Perhaps it feels a bit empty, or you need a spot for place your coffee on. Well what better way than to add this awesome DIY farmhouse coffee table to your decor. It’s a super easy build and will probably take you a weekend to make. So enough doodling lets get into the build.

Get your tools and materials ready!

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So for tool wise you will need:


Miter saw or circular saw


kreg pocket hole jig

1 1/4” pocket hole screws

2 1/2” pocket hole screws

wood glue (Titebond is by far the best, blue or green bottle)

Your choice of paint, stain, and varnish

Material List:

4- 1x8x8


1- 2x4x8


1- 1/2” plywood cut @ 36”x36”

You can also grab the free building plans here below to print out.

Let’s Build

Get you cuts done for the base. You should have four 2x4s at 20”, four 2x2s at 36”, and four 2x2s at 32”. (As shown above).

Make sure you drill your pocket holes into the 2×2 aprons. Use the 1 1/2” thickness measurement on the kreg jig.

The Base frame of the DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

When attaching the aprons make sure you using the right length. For the edge of the 2×5 leg the apron length will be 32 inches and 36 inches when connecting both leg base frames together.

Now when attaching the base frame there are different ways to connect you’re pieces together. I chose this way because its easier for me to keep the keep the shelf part and the bottom apron flush together. However, you can certainly just attach the base frame first before you attach the shelf.

DIY farmhouse coffee table

I measured 3 inches from the bottom of the leg. This is where my bottom aprons and shelf will start.

The shelf is cut at 36 x 36 inches. I also drill the holes for the pocket hole screws. I attached with 1 1/4” screws to the bottom apron.

Next was the side bottom aprons. Made sure they were flush and then attached the shelf to them, again with 1 1/4” screws.

Next I went ahead and attached the other frame with wood glue and the pocket hole screws.

The Xs

Lets more on to the star of this build, which is of coarse the x braces. I mean lets be real, without the Xs this would be an ordinary square coffee table and not a farmhouse coffee table right?

Anyway, according to the computer these should be cut at a 25 degree angle, however, to be safe then sorry I would just mark your cuts as shown below.

You can use a miter saw or a jig saw to cut your braces. I personally use a jig saw to cut the angles out. Ain’t nobody got time to be finding the right angle on the miter.

Wood glue, brad nails, and clamps to attach. I also wanted it to be extra sturdy so I added some spax screws from the top and bottom of the aprons. B#$%hes aren’t going nowhere.

Lastly to clean things up, I caulked the corners and edges. It really does give it a cleaner look once you start painting it. If you are staining it all, you can use wood putty or just skip this step.

The Top

LIke the base fame assembly, you can assemble however way that is easy for you, but this is how I constructed the top. Since it’s going to be a perfect square, or at least that’s the plan. The angle cut will be 45 degrees.

I attached the outer top portion with 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws.

Next I measure out each inside piece to cut and laid them out. Added my pocket holes and attached as well. Don’t forget your wood glue. Tip: always keep a damp rag around. Wood glue when dry will not let the stain seep into the wood. Clean off excess with the damp rag.

Sand your top down. I use 80 grit to get a lot of the top nice and flat, then go in with 120 and lastly with 220 for a smooth finish.

Let’s Give it Some Color

So this stain technique is fairly simple. The stain i’m using is Varathane Carbon Grey. Stain both sides of your top and let dry before going on to the next step.

For the white wash it’s just a 1 part white paint to 3/4 part water. I wanted this way to get the paint a little more opaque. With a rag dip into the wash mixture and apply onto the top. Go with the grain. Let sit for a sec than wipe off excess.

DIY farmhouse staining technique

As you can see below I am going with the direction of every board. Once you have finished. let dry and then seal with a varnish of your choice. I used this one additional applying or sanding, unless you want to.

The Completed DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

And there you have it. A super cute and easy DIY farmhouse coffee table for you space.

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table
DIY Farmhouse coffee table

Too easy right? Now its time to share to your favorite Pinterest board and don’t forget to download the free plans and get your butt building. Till the next build, Love peace and chicken grease.


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    1. Oh yes definitely take the plunge and grab your self a jig, however there are smaller one that you can test out. That was my first one I bought then as I made more pieces It was time to upgrade.

      1. Great plans! I do think you need to add L-shape brackets to the materials list and a brad nailer to the tools list, but this was super helpful to go through with the PDF plans to create a nice DIY coffee table. Thank you!!

  1. Thanks for the instructions! I didn’t follow exact measurements because mine went in to a smaller space but it turned out awesome!

    1. No problem glad it was helpful. The plans can totally be customized to your specific dimension. Just a little math.

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