Affordable Farmhouse Rug Runner

Affordable and Durable Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Runners

I have been on the hunt for some good farmhouse kitchen rug runner. The style of my kitchen is a rustic Italian farmhouse vibe and need to break up the sea of dark floors. One challenge is to actually find one in the plethora of choices. I mean its not like they say Farmhouse kitchen rug runner.  Some other obstacles I’m dealing with a kid who for the life of me can not stop dropping a single thing and a dog who loves to be in the kitchen with dirty paws scavenging. I get a lot of questions on where can I get an affordable good runner, or what style of runner will match my farmhouse kitchen. So I figured while I’m on this journey I will show what to look for and what I find that will fit in to that farmhouse look your going for and can take a beating.

Affordable Farmhouse Rug Runner

What to look for In a Farmhouse Kitchen Rug

Ok we are on a mission. The first thing I want to take with me when I am searching for a piece is my priorities or my must haves. For example with my little booger running around I need my rug to be slide proof and waterproof for all those accidents waiting to happen. However I’m pretty sure that a rug pad will be needed. Washer safe if all else fails I can just throw it in there is a plus. And style of course. It has to fit into that rustic farmhouse style.

Look for distressed vintage and some tribal style designs. The distresses of the style gives it the more rustic feel. Not a beige fan? No worries those type of design almost always come in all kinds of color. A good universal style would be a jute weave. It a highly sustainable source and is very durable. There is some texture depending on the weave. This type of runner matches very well with that farmhouse look and more.  Lastly, what is your budget. Take that into consideration when looking at your picks. My budget is $50. Since this is a relatively low  I am going to source some affordable place that won’t steer you wrong with prices. There will also be a variety of color and textures that will fit your farmhouse kitchen needs. So let go shopping!

The Shops

Okay I have come to the conclusion that finding a kid friendly rug period is not easy. Finding one that is affordable and has good reviews is damn near impossible. But I got it done. I was tempted to gather some at the $80 dollar range, but had to stick to the guns when it comes to the budget. Oh and all these picks are rated a 4 star or more. There is a lot of give and take with the selections, though. For example its either stain resistant and not skid proof and vic versa. Lets see which one shall we pick.

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Oh my freaking lord. I love Target and of coarse it has to be the first source i mention. That red just pulls you in. A happy place for me, but obviously not for my wallet. However I can always find good decor here and its affordable. Image 1 is $37.99 Great for High Traffic Areas. Not non-Skid. Vacuum and spot clean with vinegar and water. Image 2 is $49.99 Non-skid. High traffic. Spot or wipe clean. Image 3 is $39.99 fade & stain Resistant. Withstands high traffic. Spot and wipe clean. Needs a rug pad not skid proof. Image 4 is $39.99 Machine wash approved. Has Latex backing for non-skid but a rug pad is recommended. Image 5 is $44.99 Fade Resistant. Withstands high traffic areas. Non-Skid, but a rug paid will add additional foot support. Machine Wash and Spot Clean w/ vinegar & water.

Farmhouse Kitchen Runner Rug Runner farmhouse kitchen runner Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Runner Farmhouse kitchen Rug Runner



Yes good ole Amazon always comes thru when your can’t find what your looking for. Prices may change without notice. It is Amazon. Image 1 $19.99 Skid Resistant. Machine washable. Stain resistant. Image 2 $21.59 Stain resistant. Non-skid. Easy wash in machine. other colors. Image 3 $43.99 Durable Jute. Hand made. Spot clean and vacuum. Rug pad needed. Not skid resistant. Image 4 $42.01 Easy spot clean with vinegar & water or rug cleaning product. Not skid proof needs rug pad. Vacuum. Image 5 $22.39 High traffic. Water, mildew, and mold resistant. Multiple colors. not non-skid.

farmhouse traditional rug runner Farmhouse Rug farmhouse kitchen rug Farmhouse Kitchen Runner Farmhouse Kitchen rug runner


oh yes, not only a place for lumber and tools, but you can actually find some pretty affordable decor there too. Image 1 $49.97 Stain resistant. High Traffic Area Rug. Needs Rug pad for grip. Vacuum and spot clean up with solution. Image 2 $42.80 Flame retardant (that was interesting). Non-skid. Withstands heavy traffic. Image 3 $26.18 (omg this was $119 a steal) . Can withstand heavy traffic. 100% Jute. Spot clean with damp cloth and vacuum. Need rug pad. Image 4 $21.26 Fade resistant. High traffic. Non-skid. Stain resistant. Multiple colors. Image 5  $33.92 Soil repellant, colorfast and non-flammable. Spot clean and vacuum. Rug pad recommended.

Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Runner Farmhouse Rug Runner Runner Rug under $50 Farmhouse Runner Tribal Rug Runner

Which One’s are Your Favorite?

So many choices. Let me tell it was a battle trying to find these runners within my criteria. They had to be able to withstand high traffic, easy clean up, and skid resistant. Unfortunately you can’t have it all, but there were some that almost did, and some with extra features. Out of all them I have to say my favorites are image 3 & 5 from Target, image 4 & 5 from Amazon, and image 3 & 4 from HomeDepot. Now to narrow it down. Comment down below which one’s caught your attention. Please Pin to your favorite Pinterest board. For some free design cheatsheets printables, sign up to my mailing list to get access to the resource library. Tons of goodies to grab. I hope this was helpful to your search for a farmhouse kitchen rug runner. Until next time happy hunting.




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