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How to Add Flavor to Bland Healthy Meals

How to add flavor to bland healthy meals

So you wanna eat healthy, but don’t want to have those boring chicken, broccoli, and brown rice meals? Think you can’t do it unless you have your own personal chef? Think again. Ok we all now that eating healthy can be somewhat bland, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m gonna show you five ways to add flavor to your healthy boring meals. 


add flavor with sauces

Add a sauce. Preferably low in sodium and in sugar, but if your drinking enough water the sodium shouldn’t be an issue. There are so many choices to choose from. Salsa is a classic, just add it to a chicken slow cooker meal with some taco seasoning and wallah you have shredded seasoned chicken for a taco bowl. There is a sugar free bbq sauce that is to die for. I honestly cant tell that its sugar free. It called…… You can have low sodium soy sauce or my favorite coconut aminos and you have a stir fry in the making. You can add it to chicken and ground turkey. One more sauce I like to put on my dry bland chicken is ranch. Ok I know what your gonna say, but the ranch that I’m talking about is actually made out of greek yogurt. Only 30 calories per serving with only 3 grams of fat. Now thats what I call heaven and it taste exactly like ranch, no joke.


add flavor by roasting vegetables

Add some veggies. What??? But there is already veggies in my dish. Yea maybe the boring kind, but when you add the colorful ones that are packed with flavor a boring piece of asparagus is elevated to the next level. Try adding some pepper to your greens, or roasting all the veggies together. My personal favs are the red bell peppers and poblano peppers. A great side kick to that would be to add some onions. The more colorful the better. Nothing say taste the rainbow like a purple onion. 

grilled kabobs

Oh and along with the veggies, another way to add tons of flavor to bland food. Grill it. Yup, my world changed the moment we bought our grill. Every time I meal prep chicken after I marinate it, it goes straight to the grill.

Spices & Herbs

add flavor with spices

Of course we cant forget spices. Try to stock up on as many spices in your pantry as you can. Although fresh is best, you just cant go wrong with dried. Spices are your best friend when it comes to adding flavor to your bland meals. A good way to infuse them flavors is to marinate over night. A lil spice here, a lil olive oil there, zip it up and toss in the fridge. The next day it will be ready for a grill or oven. Again watch the sodium because some spice mixes tend to run high in the salt department. I like to add my salt separately anyway so do your do diligence. Drink water. Here are some good options to grab at the store:

*Fiestas Uncle Chris Steak seasoning: man I use this sucker on everything.

*Cheesy Taco Seasoning packet: just add a lil bit of fat free milk or milk alt.

*Ms. Dash

*Flavor God Seasonings 

Don’t forget about herbs. Like spices, they can add a good punch of flavor to your meals. Some popular ones are cilantro, basil, oregano, and bay leaf.


There are so many more ways to add a kick to your bland meal, but these are just a few that I use on the regular. So now that you have some ideas of how to take your healthy meal to the next level, Its time to test them out. Get your butt in the kitchen and cook girl or dude. Nothing is better then to put it into practice. Happy cooking.


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