How to Create a Floor Plan in Procreate That Will Set You Apart

Are you trying to stand out among the immense competition of designers, or do you need a quick floor plan for an assignment? No worries I got your back. I want you to stand apart from your peers, and learn how to quickly sketch and render a floor plan is just the way to go. So grab your iPad and the app that will be used here is procreate. There are two ways that you can create a floor plan in the procreate app. You can insert a photo of your finished floor plan outline from graph paper or from a software, or you can create one in procreate manually. In this post, I will show you how to create one from an inserted image. You can use your own or you can use the one that I have provided you in the resource library. Let’s get started

how to create a floor plan in procreate

Insert Your Floor Plan into Procreate

First things first insert your image into the canvas. Scale it to the size that you would like to have it. Go to the photo’s layer and lower the opacity. Now open up a new layer and move it to the top. Make sure you are in that new layer. I can not stress enough how being in the correct layer can make or break you mentally.

mage of floor plan in procreate
To adjust the scale of the image click on the arrow at the top to the right.
adjust the opacity (How transparent you want) to 40%

Time to Trace the Image

This is pretty straightforward. Add another layer by clicking on the icon with two blocks. Having another layer gives you the ability to redo that one and you can turn off the original image. Once you have redrawn the walls and fill them in with black, this is called poche. After drawing the floorplan out, rename that layer walls or base outline.

Adding a layer for the floor plan in procreate

Next, add another layer and name it furniture. You will then start tracing out the furniture. Try to make the furniture more natural and realistic as shown below. Rounding corners when drawing the furniture. You can also add throw pillows and accessories to give the drawing more life. In the end, it should be a unique copy of the original.

I added a rug to the living area and some lamps in the bedroom.


Ooooh, I’m excited, It is now time to fill in your floor plan with color. Now you can take a wack at it on your own or you can check out this video on how I do it. Honestly, I feel that the best way to illustrate this is thru video. Check it out below.

I hope you enjoyed the advice, and by no means is this method set in stone. There are still so many possibilities for this way of ideation. However, this will get you a quick result that can be honed and developed with time with more practice. Again, if you want to follow along, you can download the floor plan outline in the resource library area. Happy sketching.

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    1. If you don’t have the link head over to the main website and scroll down midway till you see the four blocks and it says resource library.

    1. You can use AutoCad or any other Cad software. You can also sketch it on graph paper and insert that way.

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