Kitchen cabinets How to paint

Kitchen Cabinets: How to Paint in 5 Easy Steps

Kitchen cabinets How to paint


This is it. Its time to go ham on those nasty kitchen cabinets. You got your paint you got your tools. Lets getter done.

Woah wait! Hold on there buddy. I know those cabinets need that facelift, but there are things you should know before you start swishing your brush. Things that not a lot of people know about, unless you work at Sherwin Williams or a home improvement store/ paint store. Thankfully I got the hook up and will tell you what you need to know, before you start painting those hideous kitchen cabinets.

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Step 1 Clean and Prep 

Remove the hardware. That’s a no brainer. Then obviously we need to clean these suckers before doing any painting. Get a good degreaser that will remove all the grease, oil, and unmentionable shit off the cabinets. You will be surprised at what lingers on your cabinets with a toddler and a dog. After thats done its time to sand, but I got a good tip before you start.

*Did you know that depending on the primer you use, you may not need to sand. What NO sanding? Yup I said it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t if you are nervous and want to take that extra step, knock yourself out. I’m just saying. Also you can use a deglazer. This will clean, sand, and de gloss the the cabinets that will help with adherence. Triple win. 

Step 2 Prime time

So after you have cleaned and let dry, grab your primer and test a patch of the primer for really good adhesion. I freaking love KILZ primers. I have been using them for my woodworking and interior design projects. They have not steered me wrong yet. The one I used on my cabinets was KILZ Adhesion, with no sanding and its been a year since I painted them, no chipping or bubbling yet. (I don’t know why but my family are klutzes and we have spill countless liquids all over that poor kitchen). 

Step 3 Painting the Cabinets

painting your kitchen cabinets

Oh the paint choices. Once you have the paint color you want, you need to pick a paint type right. Top choice would be a acrylic enamel. Main reason being they don’t yellow over time and the clean up is easy with soap and water. They are also oil enriched which helps with brush marks, but if you ask me the best way not to get brush streaks is by spraying it on. I used Valspar Cabinet Enamel and so far its pretty good. I wouldn’t say its the end all be all paint, but it did its job. However do you do diligence when choosing a paint and don’t be fools by promises. Check out reviews to make the best choice.


Best paint for cabinets

Step 4 Adding the Hardware to your Kitchen Cabinets

Once you have lets the paint dry for at least 24 hours. Yea I know how the heck are you going to stay away from that area with your minions running around? My best bet would be to have them stay at nana’s house for the day. Thank you mommy! 

Anyway, once the paint has dried completely its time to add the hardware. This is like the jewelry of the kitchen. It just gives it that oomph it needs. 

Step 5 Enjoy

Okay so technically there isn’t a step 5, however if you do intend to sand the cabinets then yeah its a 5 step process. 

Now that you have the info and resources needed to start painting those kitchen cabinets, or any cabinet for that matter, its time to get to work. I hope this was helpful in some way or another. I do have one favor to ask. Please share on Pinterest and share your kitchen painting projects. I would love to see what you have done.

How to paint your kitchen cabinets

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