game of thrones inspired bedroom

Mood Board Monday: Winterfell Inspired Bedroom

Winterfell bedroom design

Okay it is, but at least not for another couple of months. So In honor of starting off this new series of Mood board Mondays, and the finale of the series one of my favorite shows (or least it was till season 8), I used Game of Thrones, as inspiration for a design. I chose Winterfell Castle as my focal point to create a bedroom based of a scene from the series. If you haven’t watched this show, don’t worry I will explain little backstory on the location.

The Backstory of the Inspiration

Photo by HBO

Lets start with the inspired location. For some back story to help you understand the design, Winterfell is one of the main locations of the GoT series. It is located in the North of Westeros, a huge continent thats divided by houses. There is the House Baratheon to the deep South, House Lannister to the West at Kings landing, House Targaryen to the East at dragon stone, and lastly House Stark to the North . I searched for photos of the interior of Winterfell to extract some elements for the design. I loved the dark and cold feel of the stone, but in some ways its still very homey and warm. So to page homage to one of the greatest shows (until season 8) of television history I give you my Winterfell bedroom design.

The Winterfell Mood Board

Winter fell bedroom design Mood Board
Game of Thrones inspiration picture is from HBO and property of HBO.

As you can see its very dark, but still warm with lots of textures. To get the paint color for the walls I used a awesome tool that allows you to upload your picture and use a color picker to click on the spot of the picture’s color you want. Test drive it here. Wallah instant GoT wall color. The other color I used was the warm mustard yellow to signify the glow of the candles, but I don’t use it as a paint color. Used lots of stone, woods, and fur to really get that North feel. The accent wall decor adds more interest plus you gotta have a dire wolf. Next you will see two designs of what I had envisioned the bedroom would look like.

The Sketch

Winterfell Inspired Bedroom sketch

In the sketch I wanted to portray the wainscot wall. But after a while I figure it was going to be too much wood on wood with the bed against it. In the next design I redesigned the look by switching out the wood wall with stone.

The 3D Design

Winterfell Inspired Bedroom

So here is the design in 3D. I am using a free software so I was pretty limited to what materials and furniture pieces that I could use, but all in all I think it looks pretty close to what I was going for. I know I really wanted an accent wall and so I went with the stone look. Really give it is that Winterfell Castle vibe. The fireplace will also be out of stone like in the inspirational picture. Add the decor from the mood board and a few more candelabras and candles, and you have a Winterfell inspired bedroom.

Winterfell Inspired Bedroom

Shop the Look

Disclaimer: If you like any of the pieces in the design board I have added some affiliate links for your convience but it will not cost anything to you. Check my disclosure policy for more information.

A lot of the pieces in the board are quite pricey so I scrummage the web to find more affordable options. Just clink on the picture to check out them out.

Faux fur pillow.
Not affiliated

The Wolf wall decor

Still searching on the bed, but if you really like the one in the picture here is a non affiliate link.

So there you have it. I hope you liked the design coming to life and enjoyed the visuals. I had so much fun with this one. I’m nocturnal at heart so the color scheme was right up my alley. As a side note, if you want to create your own mood board but not sure how. Sign up below and get access to the resource library that contains a Mood board template that you can use design. Hope you enjoy and until next time Happy Mood Board Monday!


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