One Room Challenge Spring 2019: Week 2 Demo Day!!!

Hola peeps! Week 2 of the spring 2019 One Room Challenge is here, and I am in full swing (no pun intended) of the half bath DIY remodel. Thats right no contractors here. Although, I was cutting this week pretty close since I had to finish up on some clients furniture orders, and had a family wedding to attend. But I was able to get some work in, so its all good. Like the title suggest its Demo day! I just love when Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper says that. Its time to swing some hammers shall we.

So the plan for this week was to purchase the materials needed for the DIY faux shiplap chair rail, and start some demo. Although, I did purchase the materials , we actually couldn’t start demoing the 1/2 bath till Sunday. Yes! Sunday, as in today. Talk about cutting it short. Not to mention we are a little hungover and tired from the wedding. But let me tell you that brisket and potato salad were fire, and the cake was the icing on the, well, cake. Mixed in with cold red wine, lets just say I do not regret it, plus family is life.

Did you know that you can have your cake and eat it too?

We decided to go with these babies for the shiplap. My first option was 3/4” plywood, but I felt it was too which. Then I went for 1/4” plywood, but i still needed to save more to stay within budget. So finally, I decided to use these instead due to cost. Since the bulk of my budget is going on the jewelry, sort of speak. I wanted to save on the border. These are still 1/4” so it wasn’t too much of a compromise. And as an added bonus these are 100% plantation and sustainable wood sources. Save the rain forest right! Which always a good thing in my line of work where I use lots and lots of wood. The product is called RevolutionPly and you can checkout their site to read more about them and their product. I call this a win win.

When we got home, I wanted to rip down the sheets first that way I can have them ready to go. You have your home improvement store do this for you, but I like to do it at home. I used the Kreg Rip jig for this project. Its an awesome jig for ripping down plywood. Especially if your store’s machine is down, this is my go to. All you have to do is attach the jig to a circular saw. Set you width of the board that you want and let it rip.

i wanted my shiplap to be fairly thick so I set it to 5 1/2” to mimic a 1×6 board. To move the base just lift the gray lever and slide it to the dimension you want. Lock it down when read to go to town.

Yes I know my garage is a mess, but its organized chaos. My husband is alway on me about the state that the garage i s in, but at the moment its just so hard to keep it clean when I am constantly having orders put in. If you didn’t know I run a small woodworking business making farmhouse and custom furniture.

Back to the Half Bath

Once we got home from a 2 1/2 hour drive we immediately started cleaning out and getting ready to demo. The goo thing is this is a half bath, so, there isn’t much to really do. Thank god, since this post deadline is today.

First went the mirror. We honestly thought we were going to have to shatter it to get it off, but I really didn’t want 7 years bad luck. Had to plead to the hubs to give it some finesse. It came off, but it took some sheet rock with it. Oh I can’t wait to do that to the mater bathroom that mirror is massive. bye bye sheet rock….lol. Anyway, thats for a later time. Preferably the fall challenge or next spring. Cross our fingers.

We used a joint compound to fix the dents and boo boos to the wall.

Lastly it was the base boards. I could be wrong, but why would you do the baseboard first and then do the tile for he floor. This part was a b@#$h to take off. First I had to use the box cutter to puncture the caulking. My husband then hammer the crap and persisted to crowbar the F out of it. Needless to say there were some more boo boos to the wall. Nothing a bit of joint compound can’t fix, anyway its going to get covered by the chair rail so we weren’t too worried.

Here is another boo boo from the toilet paper holder. Comment down below if you want me to build a toilet holder. I’m curious to see how will create one with wood and sync it with the design. Not to mention no more hole in the wall for that.

So that is the end result of the demo. Above is a cost and budget breakdown. I bought a 1x6x8 that I will be ripping with my table saw for the top of the faux Shiplap chair rail. Week 2 is going to be a lot. Consisting of the faux shiplap chair rail, painting, and the painting of the faux terra-cotta floor. Tons of stuff next week so stay tuned. Oh and don’t forget to check out the featured designers week 2 post, as well as the guest post week 2. I saw a few and I was blown away with what they already accomplished. Until next time, Happy Sunday!


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