One Room Challenge Week 1: the Design

Its the season to spring into action and to “Do it Scared”. I have never heard of the ORC (One Room Challenge) before until a Facebook group brought it up this past week. I am at the point in my life where I am tired of being scared and I want to show what I can do. Plus this room really needs some tlc.

What is ORC?

What it is is a biannual challenge for 20 featured designers to transform a room in 6 weeks. Also, anyone can participate as a guest. In addition, those guest will have the opportunity to be a feature designer in the ORC Fall 2019. Pretty neat huh?

The Room

So the room that I chose to do was the 1/2 bath or if you want to be bougie, “the powder room”. Its one of the one rooms downstairs that is an eyesore. Its awkwardly somewhat spacious but very dark with no natural light.

1/2 bath before picture 1 for the One Room Challenge

This room is basically used all the time rather then the master, or the guest since its the only one downstair in near the common areas.

1/2 bath before picture 2 for the One Room Challenge
That light really makes the room more yellow then it is. Plan to use a more natural light bulb to give it that more light and bright effect.
1/2 bath before picture 3 for the One Room Challenge
1/2 bath before picture 4 for the One Room Challenge
Yes I know Don’t Judge ; P
1/2 bath before picture 5 for the One Room Challenge
it looks like a stain but the previous owners or who ever had poor painting skills.

The Design

The design I chose was a rustic Italian theme. This is the theme I have going on downstairs so I wanted the design to flow through the bottom floor. I am obsessed with fixer upper so thank you Joanna Gaines for giving me the inspiration for my half bath.

Rustic Italian Design theme

I plan to keep the original sink but replace the faucet fixtures with an oil rubbed finish. However, I will be building a look alike smaller vanity that will fill in the empty space under the light switch. This will house toiletries and reading material.

I’m sorry but that eighties light fixture has got to go. I found this one on Wayfair and love how it adds a modern Mediterranean feel. I have a oval framed mirror that I will be refinishing to look a bit similar to the one in the picture, but without the ornate detailing.

The walls will be painted creamy by Sherwin Williams and the paneled chair rail that I will DIY will be Clary Sage SW. Lastly, I am doing the floors. Your girl ain’t got that much moolah so its another DIY. I plan to do a faux terra cotta finish to them. So excited to see how that is going to come out.

So thats basically it for week 1. Just nailing down a design and researching materials and deciding on a budget. Make sure to check out the other guest participants at ORC for some more awesome work yet to come. By the way, I plan to stay under $300. Wish me luck.


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  1. These plans are fantastic! I can’t wait to see everything pulled together. I like how your plan makes the most of lack of natural light and embraces the warmth.

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