Top 10 Procreate Brushes for Interior Sketching I Can’t Live Without

Not sure which procreate brush to use to make your sketch look bomb? Should you buy some or just stay with the free one there are given in the app. Well I took on the trial and error with procreate brushes so you can get a head start on what brushes to in vest in and which ones are invaluable that are already given in the procreate app.

The good news is that you really don’t have to spend much for brushes for procreate,in this list there is only one brush that you would have to purchase. The rest are free or already in the app. To be honest, when I first got the app, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of brushes that the app has. Then as I looked through them, I thought which ones are good for what? After a few sketches, perspectives, and floor plans, I have finally narrowed down my top ten procreate brushes I can live without.

Brush 1 The Technical Pen

This brush is under the inking tab and is used always, ALWAYS for my outlining and drafting. It’s basically as it says. If you are outlining for interior sketches, you usually go for a micron pen or something of the sort right. Well this is what I use this brush for. Best thing is because it’s digital you have the option to do different types of line weights. No more having multiple lining pens unless your like me who loves both digital and regular marker sketching. Free with the app.

Brush 2 Cotton

This procreate brush is under the organic tab. I use this brush when I want to add texture to the wall of a perspective interior sketch. This texture add depth and more dimension to your walls. Free with the app.

Brush 3 Heavy Metal

This brush is in the industrial tab. Now this brush helps you create a texture. I use this brush to give me the concrete look. I lower the opacity and make the brush larger so that you get a hint of the texture that concrete creates. Free with the app.

Brush 4 The Soft Brush

You can find this brush in the airbrushing tab. Great brush for creating shadows and even diffused highlights. That is how you make your object 3 dimensional. Free in the app.

Brush 5 Water

Ok this brush is so useful for interiors and you probably are like what really how? You can find this brush in the tab. Drum roll…… I use this brush to create marble texture. This brush can be layered on top of solid colors to create different types of marbled stone. If your using marble in your designs, then this is a great brush to cut time down when rendering. This procreate brush can be found in the elements tab, free in the app.

Procreate Marble effect

Brush 6 Flames

Hands down, one of the coolest features of procreate is the Flames and Luminous brushes. The flame brush is free and also located in the elements tab. Obviously, this brush is used to create flames. This is great when you have fire pits, fireplaces, or even if you want to add a flame to candles or stoves.

Brush 7 Light pen or Flare

Like I said before, these brushes are the coolest of the brushes. These brushes are also free and are found in the luminous tab. You can get really awesome lighting effects. Especially when creating a rendered reflected ceiling plan. Like the one, you see below.

Procreate lighting effects brush

Brush 8 Kopic Marker

This brush really gives that animated/artistic marker feel. The marker brush in the app is not the best for that Copic marker look. It has texture and you can see that the edges have a brush feel. I use this one a lot when rendering wood flooring. This brush is free but is not included in the app. Here is the link to download it.

Kopic Procreate Brush Example

Brush 9 MM Lines

This brush is awesome when creating thin lines and detailing. It’s also great for shading getting that pencil aesthetic. I also use this one a lot when making the wood grain. Now, this brush is not free, but if you want to purchase and download the link is here. It is a bundle so you will get a lot of brushes along with this one.

Brush 10 Custom Pen/ Marker

Lastly, is my custom pen/ marker brush. This one is a custom brush that has a marker feel but without the texture and the edges are clean-lined. It’s very versatile that has the ability to be used for all kinds of rendering. Unfortunately, this brush is not available on the app but will be available with my future course on interior sketching on the iPad so stay tuned for that.

So these are my top procreate brushes that I recommend when sketching interiors on the iPad. These are not the only one that is used, believe me, there are so many more sets out there. I have bought enough quite a few, but if you’re on a budget and not ready to go crazy with brushes for your sketches, these are my go-to. If you would like to see how these are put into application stay tuned for a video. To get update sign up to my newsletter, plus you get access to the resource library of building plans & printables. Ok guys, hope this was helpful to you all. Happy sketching.

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