Target store home decor finds under $15

Target Store Finds: Spring 2019 Farmhouse Decor Under 15 Dollars

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Farmhouse decor under $15 dollars Target

Don’t you just love Target and their decor pieces? I know that Target is one of my favorite stores to hit for home decor. And the Farmhouse decor selection is off the chain, especially with the Heart and Hand line. Shout out to my girl Joanna Gaines. There is just one problem. Things can start to add up pretty quickly in there. Hold on, don’t throw in the towel just yet. I found a few farmhouse goodies that are all under 15 dollars. Thats pretty sweet considering most of the items there are 20 and above.

The Under 15 Dollar Finds

The first find is this Fax wood lamp. Now I believe it comes with the bulb, but you will have to double check that. The tones of the wood brings in warmth to any all white room, which tends to be a theme for farmhouse style. This find comes in at $14.24.

Farmhouse decor under $15 dollars TargetFaux Wood vase

The second find is by Hearth and Hand at Target. This piece is perfect for your cute farmhouse bathroom. Comes in at $14.99.

Farmhouse decor under $15 dollars TargetHearth and hand wash your hands sign

This next find is a classic small milk crate. I don’t know if I ever see a farmhouse room or kitchen without one. They are awesome for just about anything. Like fruit or vegetables, cook books, or magazines. And the copper handles give it a little swag. Price comes in at $13.49 at the moment since its on sale. Regular is still under $15 at $14.99.

Farmhouse decor under 15 dollars Target
milk crate

This find is probably a must in a home. You will be amazed how some greenery will bring your space alive. My kitchen has a farmhouse vibe and it didn’t really feel homey till I add a few plants. The fiddle leaf is a staple to any farmhouse decor and this one comes in at $14.99.

Farmhouse decor under 15 dollars Target
fiddle leaf pot

Lastly, I had to add some textiles to the list. This square throw pillow will bring in more color to your farmhouse feel room. This color will go great with seasonal decorating. Just in time for spring. At the moment its on clearance at $10.98, so snag some before they are out. Regular price is $19.98, that looks like a deal to me. *This item is not longer available but I did link another option that is still under $15.

Farmhouse decor under 15 dollars Target
throw square pillow

Honorably Mentions

Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make it into the picture above.

Farmhouse under 15 dollars Target
storage bin

Another cute storage bin by Hearth and Hand. Great for storage. Priced at $12.49 regular price $24.98

Farmhouse decor under 15 dollars Target
lace vase

This laced vase is so unique, but felt more boho than farmhouse. Although, I still believe it deserves a mention due to its beauty. I’m definitely feeling some rustic vibes. Priced at $14.99.

farmhouse decor under 15 dollars Target
lemon stem

And lastly, as I said before greenery will bring a space to life. You can add a bunch of these lemon stems to a large vase add to a table and you just tapped up the feel of the room. These are just $4.99 each, but remember if you have a debit or credit Red Card you will get an addition 5% off your purchase. Just Saying.

So there you have it my farmhouse decor under 15 dollars finds at one of my favorite stores. I’m thinking of making this a series. So every season I will pick some finds for you guys and maybe even add other stores. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below your ideas. And speaking of ideas, if you are having a tough time deciding how to decorate your small space, sign up on our newsletter and get access to my free printable on My 5 Crazy Easy Tips to Design a Small Space, plus you get access to the resource library and free furniture plans.

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