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What to Know: Universal Studios, Florida

Universal Studios tips

Well hello there my peeps, so summer is coming and we are all getting ready for VACAY! Lucky for you (as well as me) I went to Universal Studios a couple of few weeks ago for my son’s birthday. Oh my lord it was a much needed vacation and I had so much fun. So I technically have the 411 on the place, or at least for the Universal Studios Park. Yes there are other parks that are integrated into it, but I will tell you in a bit. So before you purchase your tickets read this below to get a better insight on what you can save on and what are must haves.

Top 5 Things to Know for Universal Studios

  1. Firstly, be sure which park you want to attend. We wanted to save money so we were only going to do one day one park. That all fine and all, but after having so much fun at one, we really wanted to go to another the next day. So we looked into seeing if we could get some tickets for the next park, but it was too much out of our price range. So make sure on what you want. Oh and on a side note: for military they give promos at the MWR. I was devastated at how much it would have cost for another day and anther park. Why did I just get it ugggghhhhh. Anyway I digress.
  2. Secondly, Download the app! Its free, and you just have to create an account. This thing was so helpful during our visit. With it you can see exactly where you are in the park like a gps so you won’t get lost. It shows the wait time to the attractions and rides so you can plan accordingly. You can connect your virtual line pass to make it easier to set up times to enter the rides and attractions. It also has the ability for you to order your tickets from there. I liked not having to take out a huge map every time I needed to orient my self to where I was at and where i wanted to go. The app did that for me.
  3. Thirdly, When choosing a ride. I will give you my top 5 that are must haves in Universal Studios. I highly highly recommend checking out the transformer one. My dad when on quite a few rides and he still can get over that one. My sone who just turn 4 did not want to get off. I gotta say that was probably one of my favorite rides on that park. Then it was the Jimmy Fallon ride thru New York. Do not be fooled its not all talk, this was one heck of a ride. The Shrek 3D and the Despicable Me was good. But for sure head to the Harry Potter section its like a whole new world. There is so much detail I just could get enough. The ride is right under the dragon. Fun times for sure. Oh and don’t forget to get that butter beer. its non-alcholic and super sweet but super yummy. Plus you get a souvenir cup with it.
Universal studios tips
Universal studios tips

4. Fourthly, When choosing a Hotel make sure you have free shuttle to the park to and from. We stayed at the Drury Inn, who are amazing, but don’t forget to reserve the day before you go and beware of the times that the buses leave from the park. We almost missed the last bus to get back to the hotel by the skin of our teeth I tell you. No Uber for us. Also, shout out to the Drury Inn (not affiliated). I can not brag enough about this Hotel. Free breakfast buffet, free dinner, free shuttle, and free parking. I mean come on, its also next to a lot of shops (outlets) and restaurants. I’m just saying.

5. Finally, go during the week. We went on a Tuesday and were got to do so many rides. The max wait time we faced was maybe 30 minutes if that. Thank god too since we only did one day.

So there you have it.

Here are my top 5 tips before or when going to Universal Studios. I think I gave quiet a bit of info from rides to pick, hotels, and when to go. Oh and bonus for any military reading my blog here, when purchasing your tickets head to the ITT office at your local base at least a month before you plan to go. We waited till the last minute and they said that the tickets would’t get there on time so we had to purchase them at the ITT office in orlando. not too much of a hassle except for all the dang toll road into there. Anyhow I hope this helped you guys and have a great vacation with an awesome summer. Peace out!!


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